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A Special Personal Request

Dear RT colleagues,

It is with great sadness to share with you my RT-day roommate and long-time friend Brian Parker has been diagnosed with stage 4 tonsilar cancer. I am asking you to keep Brian and his wife (Barb) in your thoughts and prayers - for his medical condition and financial obligations.

I talked with Brian a few times and he was in good spirit. He is scheduled to have all of his teeth pulled on July 1 in preparation for the subsequent invasive surgery and cancer treatments. I also learned that his out-of-pocket and co-insurance expenses would severely ruin his financial future. He was worried about losing those essential things that he had been worked so hard for so long. I have known Brian since 1976 and I know he would NEVER ask for help unless he is beyond desperate. If you feel the calling to help someone in need, please visit the website below. The moral support you show Brian is just as important as the amount of any donation. The donation can be anonymous. Thank you so much for your support. 


David Chang

Exam Preparation

Effective January  2015
Therapist Multiple-Choice (TMC) Exam replaces the CRT and WRE exams


TMC (Therapist Multiple-Choice)
  • TMC has two passing scores (low and high)
  •      Low passing score = CRT credential only
  •      High passing score = CRT + CSE eligibility   
  • TMC Detailed Content Outline

CSE (Clinical Simulation Examination)

ACCS (Adult Critical Care Specialist)


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